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This “trip” began in February 2019 with a one-week workshop that mixed ground concepts between the physical theatre and the clown universe. The objective of this meeting was to create a common vocabulary to the group that articulate and mastered these concepts in order to create a performatic discourse. 

For 7 months these group, full of creative people, continued a battle that never gave up. They listening their bodies and use freedom as a basilar concept. This people are not afraid of freedom. This people are always able to change without constraints, without attachments, without owners and without authors.

They didn't give up because they thought and had things to say!

In this way they named things and thus formed ideas, and "YES YES YES" ideas have inevitable consequences. 

During 7 months ideas become more active, faster, more extraordinary than any technology; faster and more powerful than the internet and electricity. 

In the end we build  a performance that don’t try to articulate ideas but give space and time to that ideas, that attach our bodies and minds to the primary sensations far away to the technology.

As Humans we continue to try in freedom, always preparing, without fear of experimenting as a fragile specie.


No Reason


A teenage girl runs away from home, falls in love with a bat and starts to inhabit the stone's garden. This garden serves as a setting for a play about the uproar and brutality of the youth, where the precipitation and the simultaneity of events and eventualities inflame the status quo and the notion of reality itself. "no reason" walks between the ordinary and the transcendent.




Starting from "A Cena do Ódio"a poem by Almada Negreiros, a bourgeois (dis) functional family was created, that can live in the" house next door", and explored the possible sins that can arise within a House or home, to a point where the religion itself or the Nile Pests (of which the author speaks) come to punish them. However, these families do not need plagues or superior forces to punish them. Self-destruct, through mechanisms that begin in the repetition of routine, through boredom and ending in hatred caused by the suffocation of the constant presence of all.

How can they be destroyed in the secret of their houses? What sweep under your carpets?

These are lost cases that run through cannibalism, where bourgeois drink wine, bourgeois make bourgeois and bourgeois eat bourgeois. 



Dito acre não ória nessa hist


Called high the confusion, adormeçamos, experience the dreams that we can not remember, the stories are falling all a bottomless pit, that wonderful fall, the stillness of our bodies in flight allows finally see the world as it does not is, we can only see the world as it is, we do not know anything, and then we are free to find the ground.







is the belief that our bodies are communicating and holders / promoters senses. Our lines of attack (originated from the sustainer concept) not only based only on the landscape but also the provocation that our bodies can operate in a space not illustrative but operator sensations.






a search for the turning point as the question mark in sentences dictated through our bodies that echoe into the open private space as they become graphically codified - sequentially and consequently, they become sound.








Nada Nada Nada



solo. Clown.

Loop. repetition

loop, loop, loop.

A party with no one.


Space. Time. Formatting.

Blank sheet waiting ...

one format.

Like who?

Time. breath

time, time, time

The gaze of the public,


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