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CAVALO NA CAIXA is a transdisciplinary spectacle, with original dramaturgy inspired by the works "The Phantom of an Opportunity" by William Burroughs and "The Eroticism" of Battaille. It explores surreal situations between supernatural beings, seeking dialogues between plastic arts, performance and theater. Sound and light are animate beings, in a dance in which a mirror, death and history have no linear meaning.






SAL is a theater-dance solo with original dramaturgical creation of Catarina Lacerda, based on the work of Mário Sá-Carneiro. Affirming the interpreter as a place of echoes and projections, SAL reveals echoes of the writer in the interpreter's imaginary and body, scenic, dramatic and demanding space, giving him breathing, flesh and bone. The co-authorship of Mário and Catarina is thus jeopardized in the same performative gesture.



we set off in demand. Insists. Resists. Survive in the path. Survive the journey. SOS. Directions. Under the skin. Contact. Body. We are foreigners.

No strings attached. Without before. No later. We came, we were born and we will. We are.

Somewhere. No matter where. Rudderless. No matter how. We just want to survive in the route. SOS. We want. Survive. Nudes. Routes. The body epicenter: kidneys, fatigue, bath, dream, food. Seismographs are in transit. All we have is the way.

All that we are.

Seven Hungers


blending dynamic movement, text and live song, Seven Hungers examines our needs for food, security and intimacy, and how they get confused. A journey from mouth to gut to heart quickens the pulse.

Exciting and challenging, beautiful and grotesque, Seven Hungers asks: What are we hungry for?

Nodos e Vendres #1


a musical performance that explores the resonant modes created from the excitation of an acoustic space. Wanted nodal and antinodal regions in space in order to provide different perceptions of the same sound source as the location of the public.




three Portuguese from different regions of the country combine meeting through an Internet site to share a ride and travel costs from Scandinavia to the home country. The trip takes place, falls in their stories already enrolled in a history beyond his, makes them travelers, aware, increasingly, that the desire to return is a fantasy. Never returns to the same location.

Strata II


taking inspiration from maps and mapping methods we will explore the links between movement and sound in space and reveal invisible cartographies.

We will reflect on the interesting analogies between the cartographer’s process on his journey to produce a map and the choreographer or composer’s creative process.

Research the perception of emotion in sound and movement in space and play with psychophysical features of sounds such as loudness, tempo, texture, sharpness, frequency and pitch and with the movement categorisation of the Laban Movement Anaysis, body effort, shape and space.

Invisible Empire 

Invisible Empire began with a curiosity about what drives people to extreme acts of resistance.

We identified needs: for understanding, for touch, for love, for acceptance. Needs that, when thwarted, can darken, turn inwards, and drive us towards a violent explosion that tries to remake a world gone wrong.

We began to locate a feeling of trappedness and a yearning for escape – escape from everything and nothing – escape perhaps even from ourselves.

Invisible Empire was the culmination of an intermittent year-long process of company training in singing and movement, as well as collective research into acts of resistance.


Opera dos 5 Euros 

In this mix party with test experimental band-of-garage and opera art all low cost, migrants, nomads, street performers and others, also home to the back, cohabit with our audience estimated.

Opera dos 5 euros - also known as - Trans-Ghetto-Express takes place in a device installed outside. border post, retention field in outsourcing, check point, ballroom, bazaar, new circus - dandy (former upstart), fair theater, flea market and counterfeiting ... images that we set and that set the relationship this scenic object with the spectacular / performative event.

There is no limits. there is no friends. Family dominates the rules and the times. Pain is the day life. Womens is a marmaid mirage. Pils and muscles are the present. Future is a fake thinking. Do you what to smoke? 
This performace is a work with the emotions and fears of the young people that dwelleth the prison os custoias.



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