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Selva Coragem 

Selva Coragem is an original project of interdisciplinary creation, with strong BIOinstallative component.

It articulates concepts and assumptions of sound art, dramaturgical writing and performance with perspectives of sustainability, biodiversity and quality of life in the urban space.

Selva Coragem arises from a place where environmental, artistic and political concerns intersect and projects into a laboratory territory.

Reinvent wild conversations; re-understanding and inspired by earth-plant-animal-human cycles and ecosystems, deepen micro assemblies. To inspire and challenge us to dialogue, face to face and side by side, listening and creation as an alternative form of construction.

Affirm immaterial architectures as potential future life.

So that courage may emerge again.



The hybrid territory between politics and art has the airing necessary to cultivate an experience with these premises. The world needs to look at and experiment with new forms of production, more creative, connected with the spaces of life, more focused on processes, and on experimental pleasure, less on the real spaces that are the authoritarian producers that do not serve the overwhelming majority. We seek another way of being, being and doing based on horizontal relations, co-responsibility and artistic devices that allow the desecration of rigid social and cultural patterns of interaction. EMPTY wants to attract the mobilizing forces of life and withdraw fear, the main obstacle to experimenting with new ones to come.

Urban Dog Architecture 

LOCATE - the dogs in the periphery of the city

BUILD- the houses with donate material 

ALLOCATE - the houses in the places that the dogs eat and sleep

Thanks to the local people where the houses are allocate for the constant surveillance and the helping of putting food in the houses. 

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