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Alines - Prepared Pen for Sound Terrorism

this piece uses a "prepared pen" a body extension to generate sound and also to interacted and perform with a "cancer" building situated in Kaunas, Lithuania. This sound project play also with the oral narrativities that are associated to this building, constructed in this way a sound fiction that sometimes is totally real.  This building have the name of Ghost 







Composition for 128 houses

sound, visual and performative work that uses the architectural and human space as composite material. Performance played by the residents of Bouça and divided into three movements, corresponding to the three main corridors of the neighborhood.

This project aims to create a sensory journey from the work with the community's own neighborhood, their intimacy, objects, memories and bodies, articulating all this in an audio-visual composition that activates both procedurally and in terms of the end result, the living space reinvented , their vitality reverberating.

During the presentation the sounds and actions will be produced by the residents through the windows and balconies, the public will be in the space between each house haul.






It is a video art project commissioned by the Douro museum. 

This work had as its starting point the collection of sound and video, writing and movement in specific landscapes of the territory of the Douro places. 

I searched in this way, spaces and actions - sitting spaces to stop in landscapes. 

In the end, the frequencies became sharper and quieter, almost a wave line. 

Stripped and places that show the silence.

Geographical Fugue 




is a piece of conceptual sound that seeks, by capturing and transforming the sound of a dehumidifier, to draw a map of sounds in avisual search of the vibrational quality of each intersection.

In this work the plastic, performatic and sound language add possibilities of meaning, through the use of the transcoding that comes from the intersection of thought and aesthetic encodings from different disciplines, who conspire in the same moment, the same intention. 

Voyager #1 - Golden Record Series


Voyager # 1 Golden records is a conceptual sound performance. This may be a journey, a performative moment which combines the nature of the immersive sound experience with a plasticity plotting the visual realization of the same gesture - the drift. In this journey the travelers set out in search of the vibrational quality of each intersection of trajectories, drawing a cartography of sounds in their passage.

Lucifer´s Ensemble 


Lucifer´s Ensemble is a music project crossing physical theatre, interactive technologies and sound art. An inverted triangle comprising two performers and a music composer. In their music performances they sometimes showcase guest musicians to close the circle of their conceptual pieces dedicated to the theme of the occult. I´m a guest musician of Lucifer´s Ensemble.


Movimento Perpétuo 

Perpetual Motion is a sound installation created based on a series of empty glass cases, inhabited by a rotating system driven by motors that will slowly turn a small metal arm placed inside the glass as to produce a friction between glass and metal, producing a sharp sound

The empty vials, commonly used to protect religious images embody a palpable absence, once the dwelling of symbolic objects of faith. These small altars empty of content, cyclical and repetitive in its internal mechanisms, represent an ancestral movement between illusion and disillusionment. Serves as a metaphor for our era, where the sensation of imbalance and doubt has replaced the certainty of eternal progress and economic growth.


Plano is a soft porno installation. Public are invited to enter in a dark room and to touch wich other just by the hands. The only part that have light is the hand and when the hands touch wich other the light transform in just one light. All the process are controled by a Kinnet and Processing system! 



Cross is a sound art installation for a public address system which fosters the creation of movement by the user. Binaural recording starting from underwater sounds at points where the river Ceira, Tedo, Távora and Torto, intersect the Douro River. The public is invited to enter a square of light phosphorescent drawn on the floor and listening to a composition of sounds collected through headphones wireless, leaving this way be driven by the "currents"


Aura f1


Aura f1 is a durational installation. A composition of bricks is expose during several days to a 20 hz frequencie in a contain room. The orage powder  starts to  appears, giving a aural dimension to the installation. 


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